Cooper Zeon LTZ

Passenger Light Truck/SUV tire Developed as a Hybrid between a Sport Truck tire and an All-Terrain tire.


  • Sweeping lateral grooves and functionally patterned tread elements
  • Optimized pitch sequence
  • Lug Tie-in zones and alternately scalloped shoulder lugs
  • Tapered tread, deep in the centre and shallower in the shoulders
  • High modulus rubber compound above the bead
  • Rim Protector
  • Ventless technology
  • Premium Limited Warranty
  • M+S Rated


  • All terrain performance
  • Even treadwear and reduced tread related noise
  • Enhanced steering and traction
  • Improves wear while reducing weight
  • Minimizes sidewall flex in cornering resulting in crisp handling
  • Decreases the chance of rim damage
  • Provide a crisp, clean, premium appearance


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