Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring

All-Season Passenger Car/Minivan Touring tire.


  • Asymmetrical tread design
  • Nylon overwrap
  • Coupled silica compound
  • 3D Micro-Gauge™ siping
  • StabilEdge™ technology
  • Wear Square Visual Indicator
  • Light weight construction and design
  • Dual pitch sequence
  • M+S Rated
  • Premium Limited Warranty
  • Free 45-Day Road Test
  • 50,000 Mile Treadwear Protection Limited Warranty (W-Rated)
  • 70,000 Mile Treadwear Protection Limited Warranty (H/V-Rated)


  • Delivers exceptional traction and crisper steering response on dry roads
  • Impressive hydroplaning resistance and short braking distance in wet and wintry conditions
  • Assures tire uniformity and safety, especially at high speeds
  • For safety, comfort, ease of handling and an ultra quiet ride
  • For less rolling mass and increased fuel efficiency
  • Ensures low tire noise coupled with premium ride and comfort


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